manufacturer of production and custom electrical control panels in Springfield

Manufacturer of Production And Custom Electrical Control Panels in Springfield

                                           Controls For The industry


CONTROL PANELS PLUS is a small business with less than 5 employees, however, utilizing our automated facility and streamlined production techniques we produce more than 500 Control Systems annually.

CONTROL PANELS PLUS provides electrical/technical support to more than 30 local manufacturers.

Our customers know;

When CONTROL PANELS PLUS constructs a Control System it is top quality AND user friendly.

No matter how complex the Control System, the operator’s job/function is simplified.

CONTROL PANELS PLUS Systems are in use throughout the world.

At CONTROL PANELS PLUS we take great pride in the systems we design and build. We incorporate our extensive knowledge and experience into each system we design.

CONTROL PANELS PLUS is committed to meeting, or exceeding industry standards. Our commitment guarantees you receive a high quality and reliable system at a competitive price.

Full documentation and an installation manual are provided with
each system and include the following;

    Complete Electrical Schematics
    Troubleshooting Guide
    Start up Procedure(s)
    Program Listings with rung description and instruction comments.
    Parts List(s)

All of our Control Systems are tested at our facility to ensure you receive a top quality and defect free product.

Quotes for CONTROL PANELS PLUS Control Systems
can be obtained by providing the following information;

    Is the installation new OR a replacement/upgrade?
    Operating Voltage Requirements?
    Safety Disconnect Switch?
    Environment; Indoor/Outdoor, Dry/Wet, Explosion proof, etc.?
    Manufacturer Brand, do you have a preference ?

List each and every device this system will be required to control.
Include a Description and Specifications.

    AC Motors; Horsepower, Reversing/Non-Reversing, RPM Control?
    DC Motors; Horsepower, Reversing/Non-Reversing, RPM Control?
    Auxiliary Contacts; Used to control remote equipment?
    Heating & Cooling Loads?

Solenoids Valves; Air or Hydraulic Cylinders and Gear Motors.
Include a Description and Specifications.

    Solenoid & Spool type?

List each and every device this system will be required to monitor.
Include a Description and Specifications.

    Auxiliary Contacts from remote equipment?
    Limit Switches?
    Proximity Sensors?
    Photoelectric Switches?
    Pressure Switches & Transducers?

Operator Control Stations

    Is there a danger of moving parts when operating this machine?
    Do you require AUTO/MANUAL control of all loads?
    Describe in some detail what it is you want this Control System to do.
    Include any controls desired for/by the operator.
    What does the operator need to be informed of?

Remember… at CONTROL PANELS PLUS we use only the highest quality components.